Month: July 2013

Git branching with remote

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Still learning git I have now copied code programmed by our student programmer into a branch on GitHub. I first created a local branch called ‘fake’ (the code is generating faked data), then copied the relevant part of the code into the subdirectory of the branch and finally pushed the changes to GitHub.

In /smartphonebrainscanner2-core/ I did the following commands:
$ git branch
* master
$ git branch fake
$ git push origin fake
$ git checkout fake
$ cd src/hardware
$ cp -r ~/projects/riis/smartphonebrainscanner2-core/src/hardware/fake/ .
$ git add fake/
$ git commit fake/
$ git push origin fake

Now we got a branch on GitHub for the “fake” tree.

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Gone Tumblr

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First my blog was on Posterous, but then they close that site, so I move to WordPress, but have not been satisfied with the editing interface. So now I am moving further on to tumblr: