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I have made a contribution to the 2010 annual report for CIMBI – Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging:

For integrating knowledge from neuroimaging and related areas we continue to expand structured data-containing wikis. The Brede Wiki now contains 1,707 content pages describing 415 scientific journal papers. 114 of these pages contain stereotaxic coordinate data from neuroimaging studies published in the papers and 87 pages contain data from personality genetics association studies. Furthermore the Brede Wiki describes, e.g., 291 brain regions of which some are deeply linked to corresponding items in the AAL digital atlas and BAMS, Brede Database, ConnectomeWiki, IBVD and MeSH databases. Functions from the Brede Toolbox can now download data from the wiki and process the data within the Matlab environment.

Another wiki, the Brede Wiki for personality genetics, has been expanded to contain data from 87 scientific genetic association studies. It is a specialized wiki with easy data entry and online plotting and mass-meta-analysis. The wiki is presented on the public Web and its data can be downloaded in a variety of formats and plotted in various ways. The mass-meta-analysis indicates some of the most promising associations to be between the MAOA-uVNTR genetic polymorphism and the personality trait reward dependence (see the screenshort) and between 5-HTTLPR and agreeableness.

The personality genetics wiki was described in:

I am not utterly satified with my scientific paper output of 2010. My time is split betweet two projects: CIMBI and the social media mining project Responsible Business in the Blogosphere. Furthermore, I have also begun to teach the Python Programming course.

I have co-authored three other papers with the CIMBI researchers at the Neurobiology Research Unit published in 2010:

Jan Kalbitzer’s seasonality paper goes a long way back at least to 2008.


(Minor correction: 2011-02-04 23:00)


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