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Getting comments from YouTube via Python’s

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I would like to download comments from YouTube. This is possible via the Python module. python-gdata is a Debian/Ubuntu module of GData but may not include the most recent additions, such as the youtube module, so it may be necessary to download the gdata-python-client package with something like:

tar vfxz gdata-2.0.2.tar.gz
cd gdata-2.0.2
python install --home=~/python

With some help provided by the python code of Giles Bowkett it is now possible to download some of the comments to a video on YouTube with the following lines of Python code:

yts =
urlpattern = '' +
index = 1
url = urlpattern % index
comments = []
while url:
  ytfeed = yts.GetYouTubeVideoCommentFeed(uri=url)
  comments.extend([ comment.content.text for comment in ytfeed.entry ])
  url = ytfeed.GetNextLink().href
  print url

It seems only to be possible to download 1000 comments, – see also Stephen Mesa’s comment. So the small script will error after 1000 comments have been downloaded…


Google real-time search

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The Omgili blog (Yoav Pridor) seems to be the ones who first described the real-time search facility presently somewhat hidden in the Google. By tweeking the search parameters it is possible to search for web-pages from the past two minutes: is not clear to me what the “two minutes” mean: published? Or Google-crawled?I was alert to this real-time search via twitter mia out.

Now links to Danmarks Radio video

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Direct links to the videos of Danmarks Radio are now possible: Et andet vidne fortæller om bilisternes affærd. Previously it has been quite a task (sometimes impossible) to view videos on the Debian and Kunbuntu system that I have. The present video describes a tragic truck and train accident. The man, Niels Stæhr, explains that the gate could be closed for as long as 7 minutes, and impatient drivers would zigzag between the gates. My immediate impression is that Banedanmark has a problem.

Yet another social media. That’s posterous.

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I hear of posterous from nitoen of It seems to be yet another social media website, but now with some kind of (more tightly?) email integration. I created a website as Lets see what happens when I send an email to