Ordia: Suggestion for a lightning talk at WikidataCon 2019

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Ordia is a Wikidata front-end running on the Wikimedia Toolforge https://tools.wmflabs.org/ordia/. Ordia displays information about the lexemes of Wikidata, including their forms and senses. It makes use of the Wikidata Query Service and can thus aggregate information from various different Wikidata pages. For instance, the language aspect shows statistics for the number of lexemes, forms and senses with respect to languages. Ordia also shows overviews over lexical categories, grammatical features, properties and the use of references. If a user input a text into a specific input field, Ordia can extract the individual words and query for the individual words. This talk will demonstrate the various uses of Ordia and briefly discuss the status of Wikidata lexemes.

Ideal number of attendees: 20

Take away: Attendees will know how to use Ordia and the limitation of Ordia and Wikidata lexemes.

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