“En Frygtelig Kvinde” and gender

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En Frygtelig kvinde” is a recently premiered Danish film. On this blog I have previously considered how male and female view a film differently: In the case of the Klown movie, there seems to be a slight tendency for female reviewer to be less enthusiastic.

En Frygtelig kvinde” portrays a man and a woman as they fall in love and move together. Keeping in mind the title, “A terrible woman”, would it mean that male film reviewers grade it higher than female reviewers? Below is a small sample – by no means complete – of published film reviews from assorted venues. Danish grades typically go from 1 to 6.

Grade Gender Venue Reviewer
4 Female/Male Berlingske Sarah-Iben Almbjerg, Kristian Lindberg
4 Male BT Michael Lind
5 Male Ekko. Claus Christensen
4 Male Ekstra Bladet Henrik Queitsch
4 Male Filmland P1 Per Juul Carlsen
5 Male Politiken iflg Kino.dk Kim Skotte
 5 Male Soundvenue Rasmus Friis
 4 Male Moovy Elliot Peter Torres
 5 Female Den korte Avis Lone Nørgaard
 2 Male CinemaZone Daniel Skov Madsen
 1 Male Filmz Morten Vejlgaard Just
 4 Female Jyllands-Posten iflg. Kino.dk Katrine Sommer Boysen
 ? (fairly negative, which perhaps can be translated to “3”)  Female Information  Lone Nikolajsen

There are too few reviews for us to make any firm conclusions. A notable issue is two very negative reviews by two males.

A few samples: While Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis finds it very funny (“skidesjov” og “pissesjov”) the male Filmz reviewer views it as “a misogynist crappy movie” (“en kvindefjendsk lortefilm”).  Two fourth-wave female feminists have opposite views: “a fantastic movie” vs. “really disappointed“.

Even the woman in the movie generates opposite views. The actress, Amanda Collin, are generally praised, but for POV International the character is “faceted” while Louise Kjølsen finds it stereotypical. Lone Nikolajsen characterizes the two main characters as “two well-known sex role clichés”.

According to Ekko, Directory Christian Tafdrup’s previous film sold only 1’603 tickets(!) but was generally praised and received several awards. “En frygtelig kvinde” is produced for just 4 million Danish kroner and the theater was packed when I viewed it.


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