Ben Goldacre: Bad pharma

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As with Goldacre’s previous book, Bad Science, Bad Pharma is a critical review, but now where he scrutinizes Big Pharma and other parts of the medical industrial complex. His exposé is perhaps not that original, but his overview is fine and his suggestions for improvements worth considering for policy makers and others in the medical industrial complex. A bought this book and then ran into Peter Gøtzsche’s book “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime” in its Danish incarnation, and must say I switched to Gøtzsche’s book and completed that before continuing with Goldacre’s. I found more bite in Gøtzsche’s book (he compares the drug industry with the mafia!) and he has the advantage of doing original research in the field, while Goldacre’s contribution to the medical literature has been more discussive, – as far as I can determine. But Gøtzsche’s and Goldacre’s books support each other well in addressing problems with the drug regulation: We are not dealing with a single author which sees problems. We may also take they differences in suggested solutions as a indication that there may be no one simple solution, e.g., should we let the state make clinical trials or would that make a considerable burden on taxpayers? It may relieve the pharmaceutical industry of expensive trials and let the society – perhaps – get more unbiased results.

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