The mystery of the rotating building

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For hack4dk I found old images on Wikimedia Commons of scenes in central Copenhagen and took photos of the same places. One of old images was called Bibliotekspladsen 1913. The image is supposedly from 1913 and printed in “Forskønnelsen” magazine in 1923. It has been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by user Saddhiyama, who writes that the photo is from the library garden. I went to the garden, took a photo and blended the two images with the result shown on Bibliotekspladsen remixed. It was slightly difficult to match my photo with the old image as trees covered the buildings in the new photo.

What is strange with the old photo is the small building to the left:

  1. In old maps you see buildings parallel to the long building, see, e.g., a reconstruction(?) of a 1725 map
  2. In a photo from 1880 a building is now orthogonal to the long building (if this is the same spot!?)
  3. In the photo from 1913 a building (the “provianthusforvalterbolig”) is now parallel to the long building.
  4. Now you can go (also with Google Maps) and see that a building is orthogonal to the long builing.

So what is the most likely: That the images do not display the same location or that they have demolished the building, rebuilt, demolished, rebuilt, demolish and rebuilt?

To make it more strange you can go the red house hiding in the corner (with Google Maps). There you can read above the door that the building is from 1818. Looking at the 1913 image it is difficult to imaging how you can get room for the red house between the other houses.

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