Git: multiuser and multiple accounts

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We are still struggling somewhat with Git for multiple developers development of the Smartphone Brainscanner code. It may well be a RTFM-problem. We presumably have the Github Smartphone Brain Scanner code setup.

However, we also have a private department git accounts working with gitolite which brings some problems.

If you got multiple computers each with a different public key then you need extra tricks to be able to clone, push and pull from all computers. Here are the steps that got me working:

  1. I send one of my public keys to our department system administrators who then sets up an account with there specially developed script.
  2. With the account setup I can clone my gitolite-admin repository. git clone <git username>@<department git server>:gitolite-admin.
  3. The keydir at gitolite-admin/keydir/<git username>.pub is supposed to contain my public key from one of the computers. In a subdirectory I can put my public key from another computer, e.g., cp gitolite-admin/keydir/<name of other computer>/<git username>.pub
  4. Followed by the git commands git add, git commit and git push.
  5. Specify in the ~/.ssh/config the username of the git server. Under Host <department git server> put User <git username>.

To have other users access the repository I create I have tried:

  1. In gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf added the a line such as @sbs2 = <my git username> <another user's git username> <a third user> and then under repo sbs2-Brain3D I added RW+ = @sbs2.

One user has reported that it now allows him to read and write in the repository, while cloning still is a problem for another user…

(originally published on Tumblr two months ago: Git: multiuser and multiple accounts)


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