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Ten projects was shown at the final showdown:

  • Kræn‘s (with help from Emma) Natmus Mosaic with autocropping and search facility. Code available from Github
  • Kim Bach and … Game with Daell’s Varehus catelogue: try to guess the decade
  • Henrik, Andreas and …(?), mail art mail box.
  • Mobil app with public art. List of nearby art shown with photos and on maps.
  • Public art search engine
  • Search engine and viewer for Copenhagen Police “Mandtaller”. Machine vision in Javascript.
  • Rasmus Erik: Wikipedia link visualization, image extract with classification og the Police images, quiz with decade. http://www.solsort.com
  • Heat map movie through time of Copenhageners
  • SMK image visualization.
  • Steen Thomassen: Join the Danish Wikipedia and the Danish film database, e.g., for Tommy Kenter. The useful tool is running from Wikimedia Labs server.

Winner became the heatmap movie with Kræn’s Natmus Mosaic viewer as runner up.

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