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The Wikimedia Commons catetory History of Copenhagen has a number of old photos, drawings and paintings of old Copenhagen. For some of these images I can locate the viewpoint. One of them is from the central street Gammelstrand showing a square with the building Assistentshuset with fishmonger, standing men and walking people. The uploader labeled this as by Alb. Gnudtzmann & Helmer Lind and from 1907 while the description. According to the Danish bibliographic lexicon a “Albert Gnudtzman” was a writer and “Helmer Lind” is claimed to be a journalist who together with Gnudtzman wrote “Stor-København, presumable a book. I suppose the image is a photo from the book.


The site of the image is relatively easy to find. It is not far from hack4dk 2013 site at the National Museum. The houses are still there. A big tree now grows in the front of the central building. In the foreground of the picture is ramp to a big sculpture called “Metrobyggeriet” that presently covers much of Gammelstrand.


Yesterday at hack4dk I spend time on aligning the two images and “painting transparency” for a remix. And here is the result:


One spooky thing appear on the very right of the images. I count two and half visible windows on the front-facing wall on the red-roof building in the old photo and four windows in my 2013 photo!? How on earth did that happen? Am I standing the wrong place? Have the buildings been moved?

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