Jailhouse remixed

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Danish SMK museum released some time ago a batch of high-resolution photos of paintings in their possession, – now being available on Wikimedia Commons. One of them was Martinus Rørbye’s painting of the jailhouse in Copenhagen from 1831. Last year I took a photo from the same spot that Rørbye had his viewpoint. Now I finally got around to “remix” these two images together. My result is listed here below.

I choose a rather simple method for blending the two images: They are just blended with a gradient in the vertical direction. This approach is straightforward in GIMP – provided you know which buttons to press. The simple approach makes some artifacts. The small shelter for the soldier on the right is missing the upper part while the sign on the left of the image floats freely in space. I also had to align the two image. i haven’t found a convenient way to do this with GIMP. You see a misalignment to the left where the wall behind the standing woman with the basket appear with a shadow.

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