Reading data from the smartphone brainscanner

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With the NeurofeedbackWindow smartphone brainscanner application, hook up the emotiv to the smartphone, start the application press “Rec. Baseline”. After 5 minutes the phone has recorded some data from the electrodes and it is now available from a directory under “/sdcard”.

Hook the phone to a development computer with Necessitas and look for the file with

$ /opt/NecessitasQtSDK/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb shell

And copy the file with:

$ /opt/NecessitasQtSDK/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb pull “/sdcard/smartphonebrainscanner2_readings/” .

I then got two files: sbs2data_2013_09_11_13_47_59_.raw and sbs2data_2013_09_11_13_47_59_.meta. I am unaware of the format.

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