Google scholar citations for Responsible Business in the Blogosphere project

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GS Year First author Title
35 2011 Finn Årup Nielsen A new ANEW: evaluation of a word list for sentiment analysis in microblogs
24 2011 Gerardo Patriotta Maintaining legitimacy: controversies, orders of worth and public justifications
19 2011 Annemette Leonhardt Kjærgaard Mediating identity: a study of media influence on organizational identity construction in a celebrity firm
16 2011 Lars Kai Hansen Good friends, bad news – affect and virality in Twitter
10 2012 Adam Arvidsson Value in informational capitalism and on the Internet
8 2010 Adam Arvidsson The ethical economy: new forms of value in the information society
7 2011 Adam Arvidsson Ethics and value in customer co-production
5 2012 Chitu Okoli The people’s encyclopedia under the gaze of the sages: a systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia
5 2013 Finn Årup Nielsen Wikipedia research and tools: review and comments
4 2011 Toke Jansen Hansen Non-parametric co-clustering of large scale sparse bipartite networks on the GPU
4 2011 Friederike Schultz Strategic framing in the BP crisis: a semantic network analysis of associative frames
1 2012 Michael Kai Petersen Cognitive semantic networks: emotional verbs throw a tantrum but don’t bite
1 2010 Michael Etter On relational capital in social media
1 2011 Mette Morsing State-owned enterprises: a corporatization of governments
0 2013 Elanor Colleoni CSR communication for organizational legitimacy in social media
0 2013 Anne Vestergaard Humanitarian appeal and the paradox of power
0 2011 Bjarne Ørum Wahlgreen Large scale topic modeling made practical
0 2012 Michael Kai Petersen On an emotional node: modeling sentiment in graphs of action verbs
0 ? Friederike Schultz The construction of corporate social responsibility in network society: a communication
0 2013 Adam Arvidsson The potential of consumer publics

I typed in many of the publications from our Responsible Business in the Blogosphere project into the Brede Wiki together with an identifier for Google Scholar for each publication. With a script (do not run code you obtained from a wiki!) I am able to collect the citation information from Google Scholar using the MediaWiki API, the categories and the templates. Here it is sorted according to number of citations.

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