Brede Wiki co-author graph for Erdős-number < 5

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Brede Wiki co-author graph for Erdős-number less than 5

Graph of co-authors from data in the Brede Wiki. Only the authors with a Paul Erdős-number less than 5 are shown. Paul Erdős is in the lower left corner; Karl J. Friston at the top with Erdős-number 4.

Interestingly John J. Sidtis has an Erdős-number on 3 from two independent paths.

I am/was a bit suspicious about Mr. “J. Gilles”. I cannot find much information about him. I got this path from the Erdős–Bacon number article on Wikipedia which leads to Jonathan D. Victor’s page. I suppose Professor Victor knows his coauthors, so there shouldn’t be a problem. J. Gilles is according to Victor “Joseph Gilles”. One Internet page states “During the war Gillis made a significant contribution to code breaking at Bletchley Park” ( Possibly the same person.


One thought on “Brede Wiki co-author graph for Erdős-number < 5

    A Hamilton said:
    June 18, 2013 at 4:42 pm‎ also refers to Joseph Gillis (not Gilles) :

    “It was Walter who set up a Zionist Society at Bletchley which quite a few Jews regularly attended on a Wednesday evening at the apartment of Joe Gillis. (He was a Sunderland born mathematician from Belfast University who later became a professor at the Weizmann Institute at Rehovot, near Tel-Aviv. Among other things, Gillis broke the codes in which the Germans sent their weather reports, most important to our air forces campaign)…”

    This Joe Gillis is the same man I refer to in James Hamilton’s biography.

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