./AdbeRdr9.5.4-1_i486linux_enu.bin; rm -r /opt/Adobe

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  1. Get PDF  from Danish authorities that doesn’t show content.
  2. Google for the message displayed on the first page in evince
  3. Find out that the PDF contains forms that evince does not show
  4. Install Adobe Acroread
  5. Print to Postscript
  6. Convert Postscript to PDF
  7. Ensure that the PDF can be viewed in evince
  8. Find out that the Adobe program makes Firefox and Thunderbird use it as default for PDF.
  9. sudo aptitude reinstall evince. No, still acroread
  10. /opt/Adobe/Reader9/bin$ sudo ./UNINSTALL. No, I got okular
  11. Systems setting -> Systems info -> default applications. No option for PDF
  12. Places -> Home folder -> Find a PDF -> Right click -> Properties -> Open With -> Document viewer -> set as default. Ok

And see also Getting rid of Adobe Acrobat plugin


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