Finns attack Earth in April

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Finns attack Earth in April.

It happens with a €7.5 million budget black-humored scifi movie, Iron Sky, staring Nazis and Sarah Palin and possible Dr. Strangelove set together by Finnish Timo Vuorensola also behind collaborative film-making site Wreckamovie.

According to The Independent 1 million of the budget came from Internet donations.

Although the movie has some known faces, Udo Kier and Bond villain Götz Otto, most seem little known, Stephanie Paul playing a main character not even yet on Wikipedia.

The strangely haunting Under The Iron Sky by “Adamantium Studios Feat. Kaiti Kink” is also worth mentioning. The people behind the song are apparently Tapani Siirtola with Joonas Naskali. Note, on the starwreck forum the director asks about whether they should use the song in the movie.

It is interesting to see the well-hyped partly collaborative approach. Whether the movie is actually good and reaches its high expectation is another story. But collaborative film-making from the Finns is worth following.

Here is the haunting Under The Iron Sky:

One thought on “Finns attack Earth in April

    Gaarg1 said:
    March 11, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Concept seems good, but reviews don’t speak good about it!Collection found from reddit

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