Cavling prize 2011 II

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What did I say?

The two journalist Anton Geist and Ulrik Dahlin today received unsurprisingly the most prestigious Danish journalism prize: the Cavling prize. It was for their 100+-article coverage of the so-called “citizenship case”. So far the case has brought down one minister and up one commission.

The case still generates political conflicts. By signing United Nations conventions Denmark is required to give young people with no citizenship a Danish citizenship if they are raised and have lived in Denmark and request a citizenship. Such people may include criminals and people who the police regards as a security risk (but has no strong evidence).

I also suggested another possible winner for the Cavling-prize: Poul Pilgaard Johnsen for his coverage of the neuroscientist Milena Penkowa case. He wasn’t even nominated, but a communication/PR/journalism news site regarded that as the “injustice of the year”. Apparently neuroscience is insufficiently sexy for the Cavling prize committee.

(correction: 22:10)


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