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My Internet usually works ok, but two days ago I was hit by periodic dropouts on my Telenor broadband Internet. The “Internet” LED on the ZyXEL P-660R-D1 DSL modem at my place was unlit for several minutes many times during the evening and during these periods I was unable to get further than However, as the error was periodic I could occasionally get on the Internet and search for what was wrong. In this process I found the information on the status of Telenor’s Internet insufficient for me.

Telenor customer service is not available during evenings through telephone. You can report an error via a web form, but I didn’t manage to discover that page. I rebooted the modem several times by switching off the device. One page states that you should wait 20 seconds, – which I might not have done: It is possible that the device in the other end of the cable needs not just a reboot but several seconds to detect and correct the problem. I have entered my email so Telenor can send me emails about interruptions in the operational status of the Internet, but I have never seen an email from them. I could not get a clue from the Telenor status page. My search on Twitter on “telenor” got noone reporting problems except myself.

Next day the unstability was over, but I called Telenor to get a postmortem debriefing. After waiting perhaps 7 minutes to get to a human the person at the other end told me that there had been a problem. He got my email so he could write to me with more information, but I have received no email so far. The present information on the Telenor status page gives me no indication of the problem, – the closest message is from 14. december 2011 14:15:57 which gives information about work on their hosting platform. At one point this Telenor status page displayed rather funnily the message “Service unavailable” (remember Hamlet: Something is rotten in the state of the state of Denmark).

During the exponential growth of Wikipedia and Twitter you would often run into capacity problems with these services. For Twitter you would have the famous failwhale that gave a clear indication and understanding that there was a problem. You could use to check the availability of webservices. To me the dropouts that from time to time (sort of reasonably rarely) occure in my broadband Internet access are enigmas. One other Telenor customer has reported that the broadband problems might be due to a so-called lorte-central. Given no other information I have to accept that explanation.


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