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Our Ingemar Cox asked whether I knew how to download a post from It was somewhat difficult I found out.

Lets say you what to download the post Google at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Miami from the Google Research blog on blogspot. If you look in the source you find nothing more than Javascript and CSS. The only interesting item I found was “targetBlogID=21224994” in the first line. With this blog ID you can apparently download via Blogger.

The link gives you back RSS/Atom XML and with a date restriction appending ?updated-min=2011-08-22T00:00:00&updated-max=2011-08-24T23:59:59&orderby=updated you can get the specific post.

It seems JavaScript and APIs are taking over the entire Internet and you
get nostalgic when seeing a simple static HTML Web page.


(note after posting: Viewing the individual post with, e.g., ‘classic’, ‘flipcard’ or ‘magazine’ view and saving the file in Firefox with ‘Save Page As’ also gives you the HTML, but view source still shows JavaScript. Note after the note (2011-11-29): This ‘save as’ trick does apparently not work on Safari.)

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