Natalie Portman in NetworkX

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I have previosly written about network mining in a co-author graph in connection with the actress Natalie Portman and her NeuroImage article as well as recently written about co-author mining with the data in the Brede Wiki. Now with the data from the Brede Wiki and NetworkX it is quite easy to find the shortest path between authors once the co-author data is represented in a NetworkX object. It is just a oneline Python:

path = nx.shortest_path(g, u"Finn Årup Nielsen", "Natalie Herslag")

Once printed with “for author in path: print(author)” you get:
Finn Årup Nielsen
Nicholas Lange
Bruce M. Cohen
Abigail A. Baird
Natalie Herslag

I presently have to misspell Natalie Portman’s surname because I entered it incorrectly in the Brede Wiki for some reason.

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