Co-author mining for papers in the Brede Wiki

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With the SQLite file generated from the Brede Wiki it is relatively easy to perform some simple co-author mining. First one needs to download the SQLite file from the Brede Wiki download site. Here with the unix program ‘wget’:


For a start lets find the author listed with most papers in the Brede Wiki. Starting the sqlite3 client program:

sqlite3 bredewiki-templates.sqlite3

After setup (sqlite> .mode column, sqlite> .width 25) finding the most frequent mentioned authors is one line of SQL:

sqlite> SELECT value, COUNT(*) AS c FROM brede WHERE (template='paper' OR template='conference_paper') AND field = 'author' GROUP BY value ORDER BY c DESC LIMIT 10;

Finn Årup Nielsen 26
Gitte Moos Knudsen 23
Lars Kai Hansen 18
Claus Svarer 15
Olaf B. Paulson 15
Vibe Gedsø Frøkjær 13
Russell A. Poldrack 11
David Erritzøe 10
Richard S. J. Frackowiak 10
William F. C. Baaré 9

That is, e.g., ‘Russ Poldrack‘ is listed with presently 11 papers in the Brede Wiki. For performing a visualization of the co-authors one can query the SQLite database from within Python, first getting the pages with ‘paper’ and ‘conference paper’ template, then query for authors in each of these page and adding the co-authors to a NetworkX graph and draw the graph via GraphViz. The image shows the fourth connected component with 33 authors centered around Jeffrey A. Lieberman. The first connected component has 1490 authors. This number is much higher than the number of researchers in the Brede Wiki that each has a page on the own (520), see the Researcher category.

Also PageRank computation on the co-author graph is straightforward once the data is in the NetworkX graph:

import operator
for a, p in sorted(nx.pagerank(g).iteritems(), key=operator.itemgetter(1))[:-11:-1]: print('%.5f %s' % (p, a))

0.00181 Gitte Moos Knudsen
0.00176 Richard S. J. Frackowiak
0.00151 Russell A. Poldrack
0.00142 Finn Årup Nielsen
0.00137 Edward T. Bullmore
0.00134 Klaus-Peter Lesch
0.00134 Karl J. Friston
0.00130 Olaf B. Paulson
0.00128 Thomas E. Nichols
0.00121 Peter T. Fox

(Note 2011-11-18: There is an error as ‘pid’ should have been ‘tid’, i.e., “SELECT DISTINCT tid FROM…”. Using ‘pid’ instead of ‘tid’ will find all authors on a wikipage so also counting those that are cited within the ‘cite journal’ template)

(2012-01-16: Language correction)

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