Swedes complete digitization of old Danish encyclopedia

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On Friday Project Runeberg with Lars Aronsson announced:

An important milestone in the digitization of Danish literature was reached on Friday October 7, 2011, with the proofreading and indexing of the last pages of the classic encyclopedia Salmonsens konversationsleksikon (2nd edition, 26 volumes, 1915-1930).

The digitization comprises 27,152 book pages and was started in January 2004. The volumes were scanned and OCRed by Lars Aronsson (volumes 1-8 and 26, in 2004-2005) and Joakim Ragnvaldsson (volumes 9-25, in 2008). Dozens of volunteers helped to proofread and index the pages in 35,554 edits. The four most active volunteers made 97% of these edits: Pultz
(24,520 edits), PH (5289), Steen (2496), and Finn (2391). The index lists 159,123 articles, each linked to the right page. For example, the article on Danish town Kolding starts on page 300, volume XIV. As can be seen from the “history” link there, this particular page was scanned on April 14, 2008, and proofread on December 25, 2010, correcting several OCR errors, as seen from the difference between versions.

(Note that “Finn” is not me)


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