Election for Danish parliament 2011 and journalists are confused

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Danish journalists have been fairly confused with the election for the Danish parliament. We should have the election every fourth year, but the Prime Minister may schedule an election before time and the journalists have for a long time impatiently been telling us several times that now is the election coming. Well, now the election is actually coming, and the journalist are now even more confused, see this video.

In this video clip from the Danish BBC DR we have journalist Anja Westphal live interviewing party leader of the most left party young Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen. Suddenly, Anja Westphal discovers a minister, Brian Mikkelsen, and rushes after him! The journalist even calls Johanne for Johannes, – a male name, and as should be quite apparent Johanne is not a man.

It is not the first time Johanne has experienced such amazing behaviour. In the last election in 2007 Johanne was the new frontrunner, – as 23 year old the youngest party leader participating in a national TV party leader discussion. Leader of the Conservative party, Bendt Bendtsen, was not familiar with her and thought she was an assistant and in the studio before the airing asked her to fetch some coffee! He has now been deported to the Mickey Mouse Parliament

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