The handchopper of Tivoli

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Remember the famous scene from Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn where Peck put his arm into the mouth of a stone figure and pretends to get his hand bitten off. Now you can experience the real-thing in Tivoli – the classic fun fair of Copenhagen – with a new unintended attraction: Twice (well, almost) I have experienced people getting their hand trapped in the beer
cup return post.

On Fridays Tivoli puts on open air rock with artists of varying quality. To account for the bad sound you get to pay extra at the entrance. The beer is also pretty expensive and to ensure that people are bringing back the beer plastic cup Tivoli puts a deposit on the cup. You return the cup in special machines. The machine is suppose to give back the deposit, but if it is filled up it might not. People then try to drag the cup back from the machine and it might be in this process that your hand can get stuck in the machine. One Friday I saw a girl with her arm ackwardly Mr Bean-like trapped in the machine and in pain. A guy had his arm in the machine too as he was trying to push the mechanism in the machine so the girl would not be hurt too much. After a few minutes she managed to free herself. This Friday a machine again filled up and apparently wouldn’t return the deposit. A guy helped a lady by pulling the cup back and almost got his hand trapped.

I definitely think that Tivoli should look into the security of the system. Until it is fixed you can try the handchopper at the cost of only five kroner. The attraction is not included in the day pass.


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