Norwegian terror

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A terrible act happened yesterday in Norway with at least 17 dead.

Several terror experts were keen to speculate that the perpetrator was associated with islamism. Why on earth? Why would a islamic terrorist first blow up a bomb in central Oslo and then travel a fairly long distance to a small island? Wouldn’t it be easier to “stick” to Oslo? The people on the island was socialdemocrats. It should have seemed more likely that it was a rightwing lunatic.

In the DR program Deadline former manager in Danish intelligence Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen put up a much more balance comment mentioning rightwing terrorism and Oklahoma City.

…And after midnight the public finally got to know the person the police suspected. If the media and the police are correct the perpetrator is an armed nationalistic christian conservative who likes hunting and World of Warcraft among other things.

The Christian Science Monitor had around 4:00 my local time 23. july still a “related stories” infobox in connection with an article about the Utøya shooting. The infobox mentioned “Terrorism * Islamism * Shootings”. I wonder if they will correct that tomorrow to “Terrorism * Christianity * Shootings”?

The youth organisation of the Norwegian social democrates has had their worst experience. The bomb alone is the worst in Scandinavia. How can we avoid it? Apparently, the perpetrator owned a firm that grew vegetables where he had easy access to fertilizers. Is it possible to better track and control the use of fertilizers? Better gun control?


Correction: Just after I submitted this I saw that “least 17 dead” was a gross understatement. The police now says at least 80 killed on Utøya!

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