Kempton is out and Brede Wiki is down

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Matthew Kempton‘s and his coauthors’ article with a large meta-analysis of structural neuroimaging in Major Depressive Disorder is out in the current issue of Archives of General Psychiatry. It is called Structural Neuroimaging Studies in Major Depressive Disorder: Meta-analysis and Comparison With Bipolar Disorder.

The data from the paper is available from the Google Sites Major Depressive Disorder Neuroimaging Database (MaND). Now you will see on this page there is a link to the Brede Wiki’s MaND page as we have been setting up the data on the Brede Wiki with a suitable real-time meta-analysis. Unfortunately the server with the Brede Wiki and the online meta-analysis of Kempton’s data crashed yesterday with a nasty SCSI error after a reboot: “Wide Negotiation failed. Please check your SCSI cable.” So you cannot see the data on the Brede Wiki. It will take me several days to get a new server set up.

The server has been running for around 10 years with no hardware problems. Either it is the recent Lyngby rain storm with thundering that got it into troubles or the server acquired an acute stage fright in front of the prominent Archives of General Psychiatry audience.


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