Good friends, bad news and relocated conference

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Our Good Friends, Bad News – Affect and Virality in Twitter article from the Responsible Business in the Blogosphere project has now been published on Springer. It has for some time been available from arXiv and our departmental publication database.

News seems often to focus on negativity: If you read News values article on Wikipedia you find stated that “Bad news is more newsworthy than good news”. So we examined the interaction between “newsness”, sentiment and retweeting with Twitter messages: Are news tweets with negative sentiment more retweeted? Read about that in the article.

A related recent paper is Does Bad News Go Away Faster? which has Jon Kleinberg among the co-authors.

Our principal investigator in the Responsible Business in the Blogosphere project Professor Mette Morsing and Itziar Castello have written a Danish article mentioning Good Friends, Bad News articles in its relation to how companies use and get exposed on social media.


Unfortunately, the workshop SocialComNet 2011 – where the article should have been presented – had to move to another venue – an information that came out around just one month prior to the event.


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