Another picture of Lyngby rain

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It is rather the rule that the Lyngby viaduct (the road Buddingevej under the bridge) gets flooded during heavy showers. This evening I believe the water pool may have been more than a meter deep. But also our main street Lyngby Hovedgade (pictured and on Wikimedia Commons) had a fair share of deep puddles. I believe over a decimeter deep puddles.

There are pictures from a few other Copenhagen bloggers: from the Copenhagen metro, from the motorway at Ryparken station as well as as another place in Copenhagen and another. And newspapers, e.g., Berlingske has several more pictures.

So the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the Roskilde Rock Festival is
drowning. And those to blame are the Swedes: According to the images from radar of Danish meteorologists the showers are coming from Sweden. A report tells that 150 millimeter rain fell within hours this day. Tivoli closed due to the water, so no swingtime with Tivoli Big Band tonight.


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