Merging schizophrenic Google accounts? No, no, no

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Help! In the age of Google Plus I suffer from google-F44.8.

There are good reasons for having multiple email accounts, e.g., separation of work and privat emails, security and account recovery, — avoiding spam. But has it any meaning to have multiple accounts in a social network web site such as Facebook and now Google Plus? Do you want a privat and work-related persona?

Multiple people are sending me Google Plus invitations. At first I thought I couldn’t login but then I discovered it was because I was logged in on another Google account than the one I got the invitations for.


“If you signed up for Gmail and didn’t add it to your existing account, now you have two separate accounts” according to Google account help. Yes, indeed I have. I have a Google account associated with Gmail and a Google account associated with my standard email. And that is how it is.

There are no facilities in Google accounts for merging.

So I thought I could erase and delete my Gmail account and associate my other Google account with the deleted gmail account name. No. For (perhaps obvious) security reasons Google does not allow deleted account names to be reused.

So I thought that I could start a new Gmail account with dots between my name parts. No, because Google removes dots. johndoe and john.doe are the same account. So I was able to recovery my deleted Gmail account with the Google account recovery form (and presumably with the help of a human somewhere in Google).

So I would like to associate my standard email with the Gmail Google account, but since the standard email is associated with the other Google account that is not possible. If you try you get the message: “There’s already a Google Account associated with this email address.” If you try the other way around you get “You can not associate a Gmail address with your Google Account.”

Conclusion: I have a split personality with two Google accounts. I think I will use one account for my ordinary activities and the other for my male lesbian activities.


One thought on “Merging schizophrenic Google accounts? No, no, no

    Web 2.0 Accounts said:
    July 1, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    Yeah, Google has kinda botched the whole web 2.0 account thing. When they bought up all those web 2.0 properties (blogger, youtube, feedburner to name a few), they didn’t have a very coherent integration plan. Merging accounts from existing users was probably just to big a problem for them to handle with very little long term benefit I imagine.

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