Can Swedes be funny?

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Danish folklore has it that Swedes are not funny. However, I find that this is not so. Examining Wikipedia I find that the Swedish satire category lists 9 Wikipedia articles. This should be compared to the Danish category on satire that lists 54 Wikipedia articles. So the Swedes has almost 20% as much humor as Danes. I think this high rate will come as a surprise to many Danes.

I do not agree with the people arguing that the number of articles should be normalized with the total number of pages on Wikipedia. The Swedish Wikipedia has 394’810 content pages equivalent to a satire rate on almost 23 ppm (parts per mil), while the Danish Wikipedia has 148’443 pages bringing the satire rate to 364 ppm. With these numbers Swedes has only 6% as much humor as Danes. I dont think that number is fair to the Swedes.


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