Jelling stones graffiti

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Danish UNESCO World Heritage Site runic stones in Jelling have been vandalised with graffiti between Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th February 2011. The police have stated that they are without clue of who did it. The word “GELWANE” (or “GELWAN E“) is written in darkgreen on the stone(s) and apparently also on other objects. So what does tell us? Boris, one of my Facebook friends friends, with Sherlock Holmes-like capabilities for graffiti interpretation notes the sloppiness and capital letters of the badly executed spraying and concludes that we here are not dealing with an experienced graffiti-painter. So who then?

Searching Wikipedia for “Gelwane” gets you nothing. Neither does a search on “Gelwane” or “Gelwan” with De Gule Sider reveal anything.

Here are some guesses on who did it:

  • Endocrine system researchers annoyed by lack of research funding?
  • Or are we dealing with marijuana researchers?
  • Jelling turist office people noting how much extra publicity The Little Mermaid is getting each time her head it sawn off?
  • One comment on the Uriasposten (a blog that usually not think well of muslims) pointed to a character called Gelwan in the game Final Fantasy Tactics. Indeed if we search English Wikipedia we get two hits: Treaty of Königsberg (1390) and Characters of Final Fantasy Tactics (“One of Goltanna’s liegemen, Minister Gelwan, sought to switch to Larg’s camp; through Gelwan, Dycedarg arranges for men disguised in Southern Sky livery to kidnap and kill Ovelia.”). According to Wikipedia the game is for Sony PlayStation. A variant seems to have been made for Nintendo DS and a newer version for the Sony PlayStation Portable. So we might be dealing with a fairly young guy from Jelling, not good at spelling, inexperienced in graffiti and in the possession of a PlayStation Portable (or related apparatus) and the Final Fantasy Tactic game with nothing else to do on a Friday evening. His parents may look forward to a big bill for damages.

3 thoughts on “Jelling stones graffiti

    Eliot M. Gelwan said:
    August 8, 2012 at 1:57 am

    I am one of the "Gelwan"s you mention, I had been alerted to the defacement of the Jelling Stone and wrote several investigative posts on my own website. This google search links to them: the way, although I am a psychiatrist, I only co-authored one item on marijuana a long time ago, a single case report. It is not one of my research interests!

    Finn Årup Nielsen said:
    August 10, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    Thanks for your post and clarification, Mr. Gelwan. :-) I have read your two posts. Interesting with the rare name. days later after the initial post I wrote an update which you might have read: The story was that they found the perpetrator: a 15-year old boy.

    […] have previously written about the UNESCO World Heritage Jelling Stones graffiti vandalism. The graffiti appeared not only […]

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