Ubuntu in Danish TV

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Yesterday 8th February 2011, the primary computer TV program in Denmark,
Danmarks Radio’s So Ein Ding, had an evaluation of Open Source-based Ubuntu.

The program is available from DR NU.

Host Nikolaj Sonne explained about the download, installation and operation of Ubuntu. With Ubuntu 10.10 he ran into a serious error with the mouse and keyboard not being recognized after an update and he went back to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (AFAIR). After that he found Ubuntu to work ok. He didn’t seem to run into any driver problem. He had though some negative comments about the interface.

One issue I think was not emphasized enough in the program is the
“AppStore” of Ubuntu (and Debian and other Linux/Open Source
distributions). Under normal circumstances all your programs are installed
through Ubuntu. You do not have to rely on third-party organizations to download and make updates.

Eight minutes into the program a .NET developer (hopefully?) wrote that “Ubuntu is slaughtered in so ein ding”. However, I wouldn’t say that. Sonne gave an overall grade of four out of six. A sort of ok grade.

I have had some problems with Linux and Ubuntu. With a Dell laptop and Ubuntu 10.04 I experienced occational freezes. With Ubuntu 10.10 I have never experienced them. That computer is running fine now.

I have written about my installation of Ubuntu on Acer Aspire One N450 netbook. It is mostly running fine, but not optimally. Here are some issues I can remember:

  1. As a wannabee electronic musician I have installed Ubuntu Studio packages and seem to have configured myself in a wrong direction. Standard GUI sound controllers no longer work and I sometimes have to find alsamixer to adjust the volume. Overall I have a fair amount of problems with the more advanced part of music on Ubuntu: Jack und so weiter, e.g., one nice program ZynAddSubFx seems not to work well with Jack. I may very well be that I configured the computer badly.
  2. Eduroam which should provide seamless wireless login on many European universities does not always work.
  3. On occasions my mouse button disappears, but can reappear if I touch the touchpad.
  4. Switching between a big external screen and laptop screen usually requires a “trick”.

I wrote that the wireless network was unstable. I don’t recall that now. I works fine now.

Many nerds might have been interested in the program with Ubuntu as the homepage for the program crashed.


(21 februar 2011: Typos corrected)


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