Wikisympediamania II

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I have a previous post on WikiSym and Wikimania in Gdansk 2010 which mostly touched upon WikiSym, and here comes some notes on the Wikimania meeting. Another wikian Felipe Ortage has also reported from Wikimania and WikiSym.

Let me first tell you about the excellent sideprogram: A party, a concert and a documentary film. The party took place in the old shipyard area known from the Solidarnosc. The concert was performed by the Polish Baltic Philharmonic playing Polish music from the 20th and 21st century, with two Gershwin- Gustav Holst-like concertinos of (“The”) pianist and composer Wladyslaw Szpilman presented by his son Andrzej Szpilman. had composed a piano concertino for the event! The concert also featured some good old modern music by Witold Lutoslawski.

The next evening we got a full-feature documentary: Truth in numbers? Everything, according to Wikipedia. It had been in production for several years. My impression of it when I first heard about the project on the web was that it was a community effort. Apparently, it should have been community funded too. Well. It comes out more as the sole work of directors Scott Glosserman and Nic Hill and has the touch more of a “standard” documentary with a clear focus. This focus is chosen to be the drama between youthful enthusiasts with evangelist Jimbo Wales on the one side and the white old crumpy experts, such as self-installed anti-Wikipedia king Andrew Keen, on the other side. I believe you got to make a ‘focus’ shortcut if you want ‘ordinary’ people to get it, but I think wikipedians in the audience weren’t completely captivated by that approach. During the question/answer session after viewing a witty lama expressed doubt (if I remember correctly). Through his work with facilitating meetings with wikipedians and British Museum staff he has seen that expertice and Wikipedia go well together.

The budget seems to have grown so much (a lot of travel expenses) that the directors need to get money back, and there are not yet releasing it for Creative Commons copying, but would like to sell DVDs. There are free leftover clips on the movie homepage.


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