So what is "tm-2010-03-07T00:44:11.w64"?

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The meaning of files is not always clear. I got a file named “tm-2010-03-07T00:44:11.w64” in my Linux Ubuntu home directory. It is on 121MB. I didn’t put it there… And there are a few others with the same file pattern. Can I erase them? Googling on w64 gives the information that it is some kind of audio file “Sonic Foundry”. Writing $ file tm-2010-03-07T00:44:11.w64 just tells that it is “data”.
Nautilus file manager has not associated the file with any program. Rhythmbox won’t open it. Further Googling identifies it as a recording by the Jack “timemachine” program. After trying a few audio programs I finally got Ardour (ardour2) to import and play the file…


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