"A little dry ice break… Sections look good!" Online real-time neuroscience.

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As I write neuroscientists at the University of California, San Diego are trying to slice the brain of the second most famous neurological patient: HM. That is pretty remarkable.

But what is also quite remarkable is that the slicing with dry ice and microtome is being transmitted live via the Internet and three video cameras: one for the moving slicer, one for each console and and one with and overview of the lab. You can follow the slow progress through the coronal slices. The lab got their own Facebook group, their Project HM blog, online donation form and “coming soon” on Twitter. During the video twitters post under the #HM tag. I got to know from Maria Page — one of the 39 twitters I follow…

This is really real-time Neuroscience 2.0!

I think this road is where science is moving: more online, more 2.0. Here you get to see the nitty gritty details: “A little dry ice break…” And I didn’t know their used a brush to take off the cut slice from the knife.

And by the way it is also mentioned in “old” media.

At section #814.


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