Usability study on our refrigerator

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Software is often accused of having bad usability. However, many household items with far less functionality may also suffer. Video tape recorders are usually pretty bad, but even refrigerators can be silly. There are only a few features in the standard human-refrigerator interaction: The door and its handle, the light, the fruit boxes, the shelves and the regulator. The door and adjustable shelves and the boxes are quite straightforward and the light that switches on when the door opens is a marvelous invention. It leaves the regulator. Our old refrigerator has a min-max regulation. But what is min? Temperature or effect? Well, probably temperature, but a more informative marking would say cold-hot or display blue-red markings.


One thought on “Usability study on our refrigerator

    Anonymous said:
    October 12, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    :) it takes an experimental scientist to make sense of that :) This is the last picture of our fridge, I am gonna miss it.

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