Debian upgrade still a bit of a nerdish headache

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I upgraded Debian on an old desktop computer from oldstable (etch/Debian 4.0) to stable (lenny/Debian 5.0). Upgrading is still a bit of a headache. It runs ok with “aptitude dist-upgrade”. It takes quite a while, – while you are watching “Running udpmap-sys. This may take some time”: Yes, it indeed does! Then comes the reboot. It now sometimes can’t mount and stops in the middle of the booting. I wonder if the old computer suffers from SCSI hardware problems or if it is a new kernel issue. Then comes X. First it didn’t start. After the introduction of magic in /etc/X11/xorg.conf X would come, but now my GL capabilities have been lost somewhere between nvidia binary, nvidia legacy binary and nvidia standard driver. I could probably spend some time looking at this issue, but I would like to use my time better than for these nerdish problems. Hmmm…

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